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Welcome to our Staff Training Videos. These videos have been created to give you a foundational understanding of certain staff positions and tasks that are part of your daily workflow. We expect our employees to use these videos to: a) use during new hire training, b) learn a new position, c) use as a position resource, and d) a refresher tool to keep skills updated.


At Anthony Medical & Chiropractic, it is our goal to assure our locations provide consistent and accurate services to our patients. This begins from the very first phone call or communication with our patients thru the completion of the billing process. As a regional business with multiple locations throughout Central Texas, we must strive to provide the same support services, unified, using the same processes and paperwork.

Please select the position below that you are training for. You will have access to all the tools you need through these videos. If you are cross training you will be asked to review more than one category.


Smiling Businessman


Image by Brooke Cagle

Office Staff

Call Center

Call Center

Lawyer in Lobby

Personal Injury

Managing Finances


Professional Woman

Case Managing

Two people shaking hands




Nice Nurse


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