With the myriad of ways it is possible to suffer from pain, including trauma, diseases, and misalignments, it can appear impossible to avoid. The skeleton is an incredibly versatile frame that is able to simultaneously protect the body from damage while allowing for smooth motion. The components of the body such as muscles, bones, and ligaments, can sometimes be inflamed or impaired leading to pain. For some individuals, their pain is the result of an injury while for others it is small habits, such as poor posture, that can be the culprit for their pain. 


Why Does Stress Hurt?

Individuals who suffer from stress regularly possess a different physical makeup than individuals who do not deal with stress routinely. When an individual in dealing with significant stress, their body releases hormones to better manage the position they are in. A few of these physiological adaptations are an increased heart rate, heightened blood pressure, cortisol release, and more. This kind of physiological response is effective in short bursts, however, for those who deal with stress regularly can suffer from significant health issues. 


When Anthony Chiropractors treat pain, they focus on the root of the issue instead of just dealing with the symptoms. Our chiropractic team in either Temple, Killeen, or Waco can help treat your pain using this successful approach. It is imperative to seek chiropractic care that works.


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