Injuries and surgeries can leave a patient feeling weak and needing help with mobility to perform their daily tasks. However, with the right support, they can often maintain independence, safely and comfortably.


Durable Medical Equipment supports the needs of a patient to protect injuries and prevent further damage during the recovery period.

Our team can identify the most appropriate DME based on your injury or recovery needs. Our goal is to always give any resource available to help protect the health and wellness of our patients as they recover.

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It is our goal to support our patients during their journey to recovery by providing the most current DME technology to promote healing.

Examples of DME

  • Crutches and walkers

  • Custom-fitted and prefabricated splints and walking boots

  • Air-pump walking boots

  • Wooden shoes for foot surgery and other foot conditions

  • Custom-fitted and prefabricated knee braces

  • Off-loading braces for arthritic knees

  • Post-operative cold therapy units

  • Casts available in a variety of colors

  • Wrist braces

  • Elbow wraps for tennis elbow

  • Ankle wraps

  • Toe spacers

  • Shoulder slings

  • Immobilizers

  • Pulleys

  • Assorted back braces

  • TENS Unit