Regenerative medicine is focused on accelerating that healing. We do this by focusing on a specific area of your body and advance the rate of healing to return you to the highest level of functionality available to you.

This type of therapy  can be useful as we get older. Over time, the human body deteriorates. The idea of regenerative medicine is to use some of the building blocks of our body and refocus them on generating healing. This is important when we take a look at the wear and tear experienced in the joints such as knees and shoulders. 

Regenerative medicine is about healing to the point to slow down the process of deterioration. In turn, this helps the body delay the inevitable aches, pains, and onset of arthritis. This type of therapy can restore knees and shoulders to a level of functionality not experienced in years.


Post treatment, it takes a period of months for the regenerative process to take place. During this time, you healthcare professional will help guide your recovery so you can maximize the end result.


Where can I use this treatment?


If you are experiencing pain in your joints, you may be a great candidate for regenerative therapy. 

Do you have knee pain or have you noticed you have pain in your knees when standing or sitting?

Do you have shoulder pain when lifting or do you have trouble lifting your arms above your shoulders?

If these sound familiar, a patient may need a consultation to explore regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Therapy is a commitment of time, patience, and financial investment.