Are you struggling with scoliosis? More often than not, scoliosis develops as a slight curvature of the spine that worsens over time. For an official scoliosis diagnosis, it is required for there to be a 60 degree or sharper curve of the spine. When scoliosis has reached this point there are often painful symptoms that follow. Thankfully, if the initial curvature is cared for proactively, the chiropractors are able to keep it from developing scoliosis.


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There has been a large amount of research done on the root of scoliosis but there is no clear answer as to why it develops. Studies do suggest that it is more common in young women. In most cases, a slight curvature of the spine starts with one vertebra being out of place. When this happens, muscles in the spine tend to favor certain parts of the spine and create imbalances. As this occurs, the spine starts curving to compensate for all the slight imbalances and misalignments in the spine. An x-ray can be performed to determine what the best way to treat your scoliosis is.


The chiropractic team at Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Center has the training and experience to help you start feeling better and avoid expensive medical procedures. Our staff will first assess your health as whole to find the potential source of your scoliosis. It’s not uncommon that poor nutrition, injuries, or strenuous occupations are found in conjunction with scoliosis. Once your health is properly evaluated, our chiropractor will adjust your spinal column carefully to treat your condition. Often, the end result of your treatment plan is pain relief and your return to your active lifestyle.