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Welcome! We are Anthony Medical & Chiropractic Centers 

It takes time to become familiar with a new organization and how the operational structure is built to function at a high level of efficiency. At the beginning of your employment with us, the most important part of our operations to remember is this - we take a team approach to the care and services we provide. The patient's well-being will always be at the center of everything we do. Every decision, interaction, and communication is focused on the quality of care we give as well as the clarity of communication we provide regarding a patient's process of recovery. This creates the foundation we desire to provide Service Excellence to our patients. Take a few minutes to review the areas below. These will give you an insight to who we are as a team and the journey we take with each of our patients.

Welcome to the family and team!

Our Providers

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Our physicians, advanced practitioners, and therapists work closely with individuals and the community to provide quality, efficient, and effective care to patients that have experienced a musculoskeletal injury. Our team understands the importance of the personal injury process and is dedicated to work closely with each patient to provide the professional and quality care. Each provider is focused on returning every patient to highest level of health available to the patient. Our providers gain the confidence and trust of each patient in order to work collaboratively toward a positive outcome for the patient's return to optimal health. 

Case Management

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Service excellence is our goal for each patient. Our Case Management team has been trained and is highly skilled at ensuring our personal injury patients maintain consistent care that is  appropriate for the injuries they receive. They work alongside our physicians, advanced practitioners, and therapists, reviewing each case to make sure any care plan adjustments to treatments are proactive, timely, and efficient. Our team assures we do not have lapses or delays in the process of care. By doing so, this gives the patients the confidence they need to  alleviate the worries of their recovery process.  Our ability to closely monitor the patient's recovery helps the patient understand the various steps it takes to fully recover.

Diagnostic Evaluations

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Diagnostic Evaluation are two of the most important words used when assessing an injured person or an individual experiencing some type of pain. It is imperative a patient receives the appropriate evaluation to diagnose the personal injury correctly. If a patient is not diagnosed appropriately at the beginning of the evaluation process, an unfortunate series a events in treatment will occur that will delay recovery and, in turn, prolong the ability to function at 100%. That is why our team is diligent and thorough when assessing s patient's injury to assure we have the right working diagnosis as well as the correct treatment plan in place for recovery.


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Once an injured patient has been evaluated by our team and a treatment plan has been put into place, our physicians, advanced practitioners, and therapists begin the road of recovery with the patient. When a patient begins treatment, the details of the treatment plan, timeline, and projected recovery time are discussed in detail. We will respond to any medical questions pertaining to a patient's injury and recovery. As healthcare professionals, our goal is to return each patient to their most recent level of functionality. This requires a commitment from the patient as well as the team providing care. As part of the communications pyramid, we work with the patient to become part of the team to maintain a successful timeline to recovery. It is important patients are aware and knowledgeable of the treatment process and how they play an important part of the recovery.

Specialty Services

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Part of the uniqueness of our service is our ability to provide specialty care and treatments to our patients. We have internalized multiple specialties at our office locations to expedite care. Once our team assessment of a patient is completed and a decision is made on the appropriate course of treatment, we are able to schedule their treatment and therapy at one office location. This means a patient can see a physician or advanced practitioner, begin physical therapy, and receive any specialty treatments during the same-day visit at one location - not at 3 or 4 different offices with appointments scattered over a 2-3 week period of time. Our patient recovery times are reduced because of our ability to do this. We are truly a one-source facility for a patient's medical needs. 

Injury Safety

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Living your daily routine while recovering from an injury is difficult. That is why we have the training and resources to assure a patient is able to function at work performing at the safest level of activity possible. Although we always stress the importance of limiting exertion beyond acceptable recovery parameters, we give patients home protocols and care planning that will help protect your employee from further injury or making their current injury worse. Our team is always available to patients if they have questions or if they feel that may have further injured themselves at home or at work. Our goal is to educate all patients on home expectations to assure their outcome after treatment will return them to optimal health.


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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) can play an important role during the recovery process of a patient. We work closely with highly regarded DME companies to provide patients with any necessary medical equipment needed to support their recovery. We also have certain items available at our offices that can help with the recovery process or pain reduction. Our Case Management team works closely with patients and the DME company to make sure your all equipment ordered by our providers is received and functioning appropriately. Our Physical Therapy department will assure that patients are knowledgeable on how to properly use equipment safely to prevent injury.

Prolonged Care Planning

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Sometimes, prolonged care is required for serious personal injuries. We understand this and are fully prepared to commit our services  to support patients in event an extended period of care is required. In some instances, prolonged care will cause their return to optimal health to be delayed. We understand this. We have worked with patients where the journey is long and, sometimes, the outcome is not as expected for the patient due to the severity of the injury. We know this happens as well. We also know what it takes to work with the patients when these unexpected extended care scenarios happen. Our main focus will always be guiding patients recovery toward a positive outcome.

Person Injury Experience


Treatment and specialized care is what we do best. In addition to our normal patient traffic each day, we provide specialty services and care to recovering injury patients. When it comes to these patients, we stand ready to join the journey of recovery as well to bring physical healing. We have fine-tuned our ability to serve the injured patient and the companies we work with in the community with confidence and very successfully. Our outcomes are among the best in the region. Our team continues to raise the bar with our standard of excellence. Most importantly, our patients are highly successful at returning to their daily life with optimal health and wellness.

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